ADAC National Gallery Hop

4 May

Saturday, May 13th 11 am to 5 pm.


In celebration of the Art Dealers Association of Canada’s 50th year, the ADAC is planning a nation-wide Gallery Hop on Saturday, May 13, 2017. For the first time ever, ADAC members across the country will participate in a simultaneous gallery hop, which will include talks with prominent artists, curators and art dealers. Over 50 galleries in 13 different cities, exhibiting a range of work from Canada’s leading artists, will participate. Tours are self-guided. Choose a neighbourhood and explore what ADAC galleries have to offer!

Here is the Calgary Schedule:


And the schedules of other cities across Canada:

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In the Studio with: Ken Webb

18 Feb

Kenn Webb 4

Ken Webb, a Calgary based print maker and painter studied at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, as well as the Royal College of Art in London, England where he completed his post-graduate studies. During his teaching career Ken taught at the University of Calgary, and has recently retired from permanent facility at the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary.

Kenn Webb Studio 2

Interestingly enough Webb’s studio space consists of two separate areas: one, a bright-cozy library-like room is dedicated to research, digital manipulation and print archives. This is where the work begins. The second, a lower level space is utilized as a woodshop/paint studio.

Kenn Webb studio

Much like Webb’s studio spaces, his work utilizes separate elements to create a concrete whole. Webb explores documentary photography and narrative to create his paintings. This interest informs the initial selection of imagery. Webb utilizes this imagery to represent only a fragment of an experience or event. The painted elements in the work allude to the physical, the here and now, which oscillates between opacity and clarity and the graphic elements become punctuations. The narrative in these images is no longer tethered to a fact or memory associated with the sites or figures that are recorded – it is at this juncture that a personal interpretation can unfold.

Kenn Webb 2

For an up-close look Webb’s new series “From Base Line to Islands in the Sun (Not a Travel Log)” will be displayed in the gallery from February 28th – March28th 2015.

For My Sweet

13 Feb

Lauren Walker "For my Sweet"

Lauren Walker, “For My Sweet”, 30″ X 30″, Mixed Media on Wood.

Plans for Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re spending time with that special someone, having a “you” day, or simply staying in we hope you enjoy this piece by Lauren Walker titled “For My Sweet” In this painting Walker takes organic and geometric shapes, as well as positive and negative space to create balance and harmony. Who knew opposites attract?

Curtis Cutshaw “Levels and Contructs”

28 Nov

SystemsCurtis Cutshaw, “System”, Oil Enamel & Earth on Panel, 60″ x 48″

Curtis Cutshaw’s new exhibition “Levels and Constructs” is a departure from his previous series “The Dowsing Rod”; A body of work which relied on technical perfection and a removal of the artist’s “touch”. The new series however introduces the idea of control; the paintings are touched, scratched, marked, erased and distressed.

As seen in “System” (image above) the formal qualities of Russian Constructivists and Canadian Plasticiens are evident; where elements such as line, precision, order, simplicity and economy of organization are present (MOMA).

Cutshaw is working on individual birch wood tiles that allow him to deconstruct imagery and thereby create broken images.  Just like a puzzle, the viewer’s mind wants to re‐assemble the pieces and use what is there to create what is not there. While these works may appear spontaneous, Cutshaw does not allow for the accidental. Every piece, every mark; whether it is painted, drawn or scratched is intentional. The artist’s hand, his touch, his construction is the center of each piece in this new exciting body of work.

Shyla Wolf

“Constructivism.” Museum of Morden Art. 2009 Oxford UP, n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2014.

Fiona Ackerman’s spotlight “Starry Night”

2 Sep

ACKERMAN-starry-night-2013-oiloncanvas-75x60inches (1)

Fiona Ackerman. Starry Night (Studio visit with Ron Moppett, Calgary), 2013. Acyrlic on Canvas. 60 x 75″


Once more Herringer Kiss Gallery is attending this year’s Art Toronto Fair. Some of our featured artists will include: Eric Louie, Harry Kiyooka, Fiona Ackerman, and Angela Leach. In addition to all the excitement we have just received news that Fiona Ackerman’s piece “Starry Night (Studio visit with Ron Moppett, Calgary), 2013”will be featured in this year’s Art Toronto 2014 magazine and newspaper insert. Keep your eyes pealed, and a congratulations to Fiona Ackerman.


-Shyla Wolf

International Artist Day

25 Oct

Artist Collage


Today is International Artist Day!  A time to honour the contribution artists have and are making in society.

This past year we have had some interesting dialogue in our city about art institutions, art installations, and public art. Some with a stance of opposition and others fully embracing and standing by the community’s decisions to support local and international artists. In all instances there have been hard working, dedicated artists who are selflessly creating a better city for us with their creative ideas and endeavours.

Take some time today to thank an artist you might know or like. If you don’t have a favourite artist, stop by the gallery and we can help you find one.

SODO Design District Block Party

28 May


11th Avenue between 5th and 8th street has been coined SODO (South Downtown), The Design District. This part of Calgary is home to the top contemporary art galleries, furniture stores, restaurants and other unique small businesses. A number of years ago, we started to have Block Parties to promote the area and support each other.

This spring, the Block Party is on Saturday, June 1st from 12 – 5 pm. There will be exciting and vibrant art, contemporary design, food, wine, live music, dancing, special events, sales and prizes. Please show your support for local business! Bring the whole family and spend the day on the Avenue!